We’re a new kind of IT company built just for specialized organizations

Highly regulated industries need a technology partner that understands the special issues they face, so we created one. Horsetail Technologies merges business strategy with technology to manage risk, compliance and IT maintenance for busy organizations.

Proactive risk management

Our goal is to keep your technology healthy and safe. We start by understanding how you mitigate risk, identify vulnerabilities and develop a strategic plan to move you beyond baseline maturity to hit your goals.

Our industry is being assaulted from many fronts and we need to disrupt the disrupters. Collaboration can be innovative, and we’ve found that partnership with Horsetail.

-Current client, Chief Risk Officer

Secure technology that runs itself

Physical hardware, hosted and cloud solutions all merge together to create a secure and complete business-centric solution that is easy to upgrade and predicts risks way before they happen. We even manage it all for you so you can get back to work.

On the frontlines of industry change

Our clients are specialized teams, credit unions and regulated organizations who fight to push their industries forward within the limitations of mandatory compliance and risk management.

Experts you can count on

Our team of project managers, engineers and technicians are specialized in highly regulated industries and come equipped with various certifications to serve a full range of regulatory needs—even yours. Seriously.

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Relationships first

Above all else, our focus is on building long term relationships with the clients we help. We work best when we feel like part of your team, and promise to always speak to you in real language, never confusing tech jargon.

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